Inertial Fusion

 Fusion Development Companies

Fusion Development Companies

Commonwealth Fusion Systems
Commonwealth Fusion builds a tokamak with a new generation of superconductor materials.

General Fusion
General fusion uses pistons to compress Deuterium Tritium plasma and is backed by Jeff Bezos.

TAE Technologies
TAE Technologies is based on rotating a plasma ring and is backed by google.

Tokamak Energy
Tokamak Energy is developing a compact spherical Tokamak.

Fusion Development Projects

The most powerful tokamak is now built in France by an international collaboration of 35 nations and is called ITER. It cost about 20 billion dollars. According to its designers ITER will produce 500MW of energy 10 time the energy it consumes. The ITER project started in 1988 and its construction will end in 2025.

National Ignition Facility
The National Ignition Facility is doing fusion inertial confinement experiments using lasers. A Powerful 192 laser beams are focused into the target chamber containing a deuterium and tritium 5-millimeter sphere.