Inertial Fusion

Fusion energy now

Fusion energy does not emit carbon. It is a solution for both the climate crisis and energy shortages. The number of electric vehicles grows rapidly and the demand for electricity will skyrocket. The fuel for fusion energy is found in sea water and is at an unlimited amount. Our goal is to develop a fusion reactor based on a new concept. The construction of this reactor is simple and it will cost less than a coal power station. The simple construction will shorten the research and development time to only a few years. We can't wait decades for fusion energy, since the climate crisis is imminent. Our unique design will provide the fast and cost effective solution.

Once Professor Stephen Hawking was asked what world-changing tecynology he would like to see humanity achieve, he said, “the development of fusion power to give an unlimited supply of clean energy.” Fusion is the Holy Grail of energy production it is our future and destiny.

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